Manage Access Rights

How to manage user access rights

What are access rights?

When you create or authorize a user in the system, that user has read-only permissions on all pages. Access rights is a list of permissions that are assigned to a user which define what he can or cannot do.

View access rights

From the Users page, click on the name of the account you want to view.

A section is titled Access Rights, which lists the current access rights of the user:

User Access Rights

Manage access rights

A user can have as many access rights as needed. For example, you may want the user to be able to read any page but only create / edit a few. An access right rule consists of 4 parts:

  • Permission: Defines what the user can do.
  • Path precision: Whether the path entered should match precisly (Path match exactly) or only match the beginning (Path starts with).
  • Path: The actual path
  • Allow / Deny: Allow means the rule will be applied. Deny means the user will not be able to access the page.

By default, a user has Read Only (permission) to all pages that starts with (path precision) the path / (path).

To allow a user to create and edit any page on the site, simply change that permission to Read and Write.

Add a new rule

To provide granular access to a user, you can add as many rules as you need. Rules are additive, with the Deny action having priority.

Given this example:

Users ACL example

  • The user can read any page, with the exception of all pages that starts with /violin.
  • The user can edit (and create) the page /piano, but not /pianos or /piano/studio-grand
  • The user cannot read, create or edit any page that begins with /violin. Therefor, he can read the page /viola but not /violin/strings

Click Save Changes to save the new rules.

Remove a rule

Simply click the red X button next to the rule to delete.

Click Save Changes to save the updated rules.