Using the Docker image

How to use the Docker image directly

This is the most direct and simple way to run a Docker container of Wiki.js. For more control and flexibility over its configuration, check out the Dockerfile and Docker Compose guides.


  • Docker
  • A MongoDB database server (either running inside another container or on a remote machine)

Create config file

  1. Create a copy of the sample config file on your host.
  2. Modify the config file with your own settings.


Fetch image

sudo docker pull requarks/wiki:1.0

Run container

You must provide 3 parameters when running a Wiki.js container:

  • The port to expose
  • The administrator account email
  • The path of the config file created earlier

Adapt the example command below:

sudo docker run -p 8080:3000 -e "[email protected]" -v /home/bob/wiki-config.yml:/var/wiki/config.yml requarks/wiki:1.0

In the example above, the port 3000 is the port defined in your config.yml, while 8080 is the port that is exposed publicly.
The admin email is set to [email protected].
The path to the config.yml file is set to /home/bob/wiki-config.yml. Do not change the path in the container (/var/wiki/config.yml)!

First login

An administrator account is created the first time you run the container. The default password is admin123. Change it upon login!